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CPS Proposes Changes to Medical Neglect Review Team Policy

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Over the last several months, UPE and DCFAS met a number of times to discuss the proposed changes to the Medical Neglect Review Team Policy. UPE questioned the department's rationale behind the changes, as the changes would increase the workload for Social Workers who are already stretched thin. UPE proposed various options to mitigate the workload increase while also recognizing the need for the meeting in some cases. However, the department failed to recognize those efforts and rejected our proposals. As a result, the parties did not reach an agreement.

Socials Workers are now required to participate in Med-RT meetings prior to the closure of a referral/case involving a child/youth with a complex medical condition despite the lack of nexus between the medical condition and the referral. UPE has made it clear that we do not support this change. Thank you to our Board Members, Sarah Singleton, and Eric Booker, for their advocacy on this matter.

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