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Court Office Technical: Classification Study

UPE and representatives from Sacramento Court concluded preliminary meetings regarding the implementation of a class study for the Account Clerk, Court Attendant, Courtroom Clerk, Deputy Clerk IV, Court Services Coordinator, and Paralegal classifications.

UPE sought a classification study for these positions during the last contract negotiations, hoping their job specifications could be altered to reflect their day-to-day duties more accurately. Unlike other classifications, these six classifications have not been reviewed in many years.

The class study will begin in September and take approximately one year. It will start with members in the impacted classifications being asked to complete position description questionnaires (PDQs) that are designed to capture whether a worker’s actual job duties match their job descriptions. UPE strongly encourages all members to participate in the class study process to ensure the job descriptions are as accurate as possible. UPE will review all completed PDQs to ensure members’ views are not altered. As the process moves along, UPE will continue to update members.

UPE thanks the members of the COT Board for their participation:

Alison Saltonstall, Andrea Howard, Christina Arcuri, Elizabeth Teklinsky, Julie Valdivia, Lizette Sweezer-Morris, Nancy Wallace, Paul McGee, Shawn Boxer, Suzette Cade, and Tammi Boxer.




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