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Court Office-Technical: Bargaining Update

Your UPE Court Office-Technical Bargaining Team met with the Sacramento Superior Court on June 21, 2024, to continue contract negotiations.  Originally, the Court was scheduled to provide UPE with a budget presentation at today’s meeting.  However, the Court was not prepared to make that presentation.  They cited the ongoing budget discussions at the state level as justification.  UPE did not let this slow us down as we continued to make economic proposals designed to improve the lives of our members.  UPE’s goal is to advocate for our members at these negotiations and ensure that the Court understands our members’ priorities. 

UPE presented the Court with 10 additional proposals, most of which provided additional monies for our hard-working members.  The Court offered 7 new proposals, none of which offered any money for our members.  The two sides reached a tentative agreement over one proposal: to clean up the language in the Bereavement Leave section of the contract.  Due to the 4th of July holiday, the two sides will not meet again until July 12.  At that time, UPE will be prepared to make further proposals.  Please continue to wear red on Fridays to show your support!





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