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County Clerk/Recorder Move

UPE met with the Sacramento County Clerk Recorder on February 20, 2024, to tour the new CCR office location.  The new location combines staff from the downtown and Fair Oaks locations, which are now closed.  The new location is much larger than the previous locations.  It provides enough office space for all staff to have their own cubicle with a sit-stand workstation, which was not possible in the downtown location. 

Staff will maintain their same duties in the new location.  The County stated the move was needed to provide more space for staff and clients.  Currently, marriage licenses and civil ceremonies make up the majority of the office’s in-person business.  The new location provides more space for these services. 

Finally, unlike the downtown location, the new location offers staff and clients free parking.  If members have any questions or concerns about the new location, they can reach out to UPE.   

UPE would like to thank governing board members Jennifer Avalo and Sylvia Garcia for their participation and advocacy



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