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CalWORKs Intake Service Center Update

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

On February 27, 2023, UPE and DHA met to discuss the final stages of the CalWORKs Service Center changes for 005. The changes for 005 include the addition of Cisco telephonic signatures for phone applications and changes to the lobby Doc Submission Zone; the HSS will be removed from the lobby.

The telephonic signature feature will include a recorded statement of the rights and responsibilities of the client. Our members will advise the client to listen to the automated statement and start and end the recording. With this new feature, phones will be a priority for clerical. Each bureau will schedule accordingly, with no more than 4 hours of phone time each day.

Training will be provided to all Office Assistants, Senior Office Assistants, and Supervisors on March 14 at the bureaus, with a makeup session the week of March 27, 2023. The training is approximately three (3) hours.

Lastly, UPE and the Department discussed schedule changes. The Department confirmed there might be changes to working hours for schedules that end prior to 4:30pm. However, RDOs will not be impacted.

The implementation date is tentatively scheduled for April 10, 2023.

UPE and the Department agreed to meet 60 days after implementation again and thereafter as needed.

Thank you to the participants,

Jennifer Avalo, Monica Stephens, and Willa Reed, for their advocacy on this matter.



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