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BSC Mail Delivery & Pick Up

On September 7, 2022 your Court Office Technical Board (the Board) met with the Courts regarding the new process for mail delivery and pick up that was implemented on August 1, 2022.

Per the Courts the reason for instituting the new process was to be more efficient and reinstitute a past practice. Another reason the Courts provided for reinstituting this practice is due to the number of vacancies within the Court Reporter classification.

UPE and the Board wanted to make sure that the new process, which will be performed by the Deputy Clerks, was not putting them behind in their normal duties. The Courts stated that the route is approximately 60-90 minutes both in the morning and in the afternoon.

We also wanted to make it clear that the mail delivery and pick up duties, as well as others should not be performed by those not in the bargaining unit. The Courts assured us that the BSC Deputy Clerk duties would only be performed by management in the case of an emergency, such as both Deputy Clerks being out. The Courts also stated that there will be a third Deputy Clerk in the BSC unit soon, in attempts to alleviate the need of management’s assistance in performing the work of the Court Office Technical bargaining unit. UPE and the Board made it clear to the Courts that being down a Deputy Clerk does not constitute an emergency, unless there is a time sensitive issue at hand. Should BSC be down one Deputy Clerk that Clerk would do both mail runs or a message would be sent that only one mail run would occur for that day.


Thank you to the Court Office Technical Board

Shawn Boxer, Nancy Wallace, Tammi Boxer, Suzette Cade, Christina Arcuri, Lizette Sweezer-Morris, Alison Saltonstall, Liz Teklinsky, Andrea Howard, and Paul McGee.



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