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Assessor's Office: Operations Manual Updates

On December 14, 2023, UPE and the Assessor’s office met to discuss the Department’s intent to update Operations Manual Section 3-1 Code of Conduct. The changes included some verbiage and grammatical corrections as well as carving out the Employee-Owned Property Program and creating its own section, section 3-7 Employee-Owned Property Program. While section 3-1 had minor changes, section 3-7 added a significant portion that must be highlighted. Section 3-7 now requires employees to declare new acquisitions of property within 30 days of the date of acquisition of a new ownership interest in real property, personal property, or trade fixtures.  Employees must submit a completed Employee Property Activity Report (EPAR) to their Supervisor. The Supervisor or manager, in turn, must submit the EPAR to the ASM within three (3) business days of receipt so the property may be flagged as employee-owned. 


UPE requested that the Supervisor provide confirmation once this has taken place. According to the Department, this change will afford the employees the same level of protection and privacy as the public. Because this is a significant change, UPE requested that the Department ensure this information is widely shared to ensure all are aware. The Department agreed. The effective date will be January 2024.


UPE would like to thank members Rick Reeve and Jim Ostrowski for their advocacy on this matter.



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