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Court Office Technical: Class Study Update

The Court will begin the class study process on October 2, 2023, with an introductory meeting with Cooperative Personnel Services (CPS), the third-party vendor conducting the study. After that, Position Description Questionnaires (PDQs) will be distributed electronically to members in the affected classifications. As a reminder, the class study covers Courtroom Clerks, Deputy Clerk IV, Court Attendants, Account Clerks, Court Services Coordinators, and Paralegals.

All members are strongly encouraged to participate to capture the most accurate picture of the work you all do. Completed PDQs cannot be changed by supervisors or managers, and UPE will receive copies of all completed PDQs in case of any disputes. If workers have any questions or concerns about the PDQ process, they should contact UPE immediately.

At UPE’s insistence, the Court will be scheduling everyone for an hour of time to complete the PDQ.

Court HR made assurances to UPE that the Court will enforce anti-retaliation rules if someone feels they are being retaliated against for participating in the survey. The survey is intended to capture an accurate picture of what the affected classes actually do and then, if necessary, update the job specifications to reflect your current duties more accurately.

UPE would like to thank the members of the Court Office Technical Board for their participation:

Alison Saltonstall, Andrea Howard, Christina Arcuri, Elizabeth Teklinsky, Julie Valdivia, Lizette Sweezer-Morris, Nancy Wallace, Paul McGee, Shawn Boxer, Suzette Cade, and Tammi Boxer.




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