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Consolidating of Downtown Court Attendants

On June 17, 2024, Sacramento Superior Court and UPE met again over the Court’s plan to consolidate the Court Attendant units at the Hall of Justice and GDS.  As a part of the consolidation, the Court plans to reduce the total number of Court Attendants allowed off on vacation from 3 to 2.  At the same time, the Court is transferring two Court Attendants from Carol Miller to GDS.  This will increase the total number of downtown Court Attendants from 12 to 14.  These changes were brought about by three judges who asked the Court for Court Attendants instead of bailiffs because they were not pleased with how the bailiffs handled the Courtroom.  The Court believes these changes necessitate reducing the number of vacation slots from 3 to 2.  The Court frequently stated during our meeting that the reduction was needed because ‘the math didn’t math’ any other way.   

From UPE’s perspective, the Court’s “math does not math”; Plus 2 ≠ -1.   The Court will still have sufficient alternate Court Attendants to cover courtrooms.  In addition, UPE proposed shifting some clerical duties away from Court Attendants at HOJ back to Deputy Clerks and Courtroom Clerks whose work it actually is in order to free up additional Court Attendant support.   The Court was not willing to make these changes.  Finally, UPE suggested a three-month trial of the new assignments and still allow three vacation slots to test whether it could work.  The Court rejected this proposal as well. 

The Court is unwilling to take steps to preserve our members’ access to vacation time and instead is once again prioritizing its own needs over the needs of UPE’s members.  Court Attendants have long wanted more permanent assignments but have been denied by the Court.  Now, the Court says they can have a permanent assignment, but they have to give up a vacation slot. 

UPE would not agree to these changes, and the parties are now at an impasse in their negotiations.  The parties will now move through impasse procedures to find a resolution.  UPE will continue to update our members on the progress of these negotiations.      




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