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008 Welfare Non-Supervisory
March 5, 2015

Today your UPE 008 Bargaining team met with the County negotiation team to establish the ground rules for our upcoming contract negotiations and was surprised to see the County wanting to institute a gag order to prevent your bargaining team from communicating with anyone outside of the bargaining membership, that includes impairing our ability to communicate with other unions, the press, and even the Board of Supervisors! Your UPE team would never agree to such an infringement of our rights to free speech. Because your team would not agree to a gag order, we were told that the County will intend to go forward with negotiations without ground rules. We will not allow the County to silence us regarding this issue and we suggest you do the same. If this upsets you as much as it does us, contact the Board of Supervisors and express how the County negotiation team is clear that they don't want to work toward a fair and equitable contract.

Despite all of the County's efforts, your team is committed to protecting the interest of the membership and is unwilling to sacrifice our rights to free speech. Continue to check the UPE website, Facebook page, and job site board for further updates. Together We Are Strong!

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Are you and your co-workers tired of not having a say at your job? Are you being subjected to the injustices by your boss? Then it is time that you take a stand and become part of one of the most progressive Unions in Northern California. United Public Employees, Local #1 has a proud tradition of being an assertive union; we further pride ourselves in our ability to represent our members diligently in all aspect of union representation and collective bargaining.

Since 1983 UPE, Local #1 has engaged in meaningful negotiations with the employer for equitable and fair contracts. UPE, Local #1 also negotiates impact over other aspects of employment including: changes in working conditions such as process and procedures, staffing, safety, equitable promotional standards. In addition to grievance and discipline procedures which includes binding arbitration.

By joining UPE, Local #1, you and your coworkers will be assisted by professional Business Agents and Staff who will advocate and oversee in carrying out the provisions of your contract and workplace rights, so that they are protected and governed by law.

If you are interested in becoming part of the UPE, Local #1 family please contact UPE, Local #1 at 916.736.9503 or email


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Karen Robinson
ER Clerical

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