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Cesar Chavez Day of Service

Thank you to all the UPE volunteers & to Supervisor Phil Serna for making this event possible.

Photographs provided by Supervisor Phil Serna.

Cesar Chavez Day.Cesar Chavez Day.

Changes to Voluntary Benefits thru the Union!

If you are already enrolled call 1-888-936-7655 to ensure your coverage continues, deadline April 22, 2016.
Or call Bentec directly 1-888-936-7655

Make Up Time

Your bargaining team met with the Court on Friday March 11, 2016 to discuss the application of makeup time for unapproved absences due to unforeseeable incidents such as a traffic accident. This issue arose from an incident that occurred last year that impacted employees from FRC and CMJC. For example, there was a car accident on the freeway heading into the main exist of Power Inn/Howe Ave. As a result, many employees were late (due to unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances). Some members were allowed to make up their time while others were not. This created a disparity of treatment. The issue was raised during bargaining, however both parties decided to meet in order to determine a viable option to these types of circumstances in an equitable manner. Other public sector employers have policies in place for circumstances stated above. The Court will be going back to determine the current application of makeup time in areas of the Court. We will be meeting again.

Code of Conduct Update
Assessor's Office
March 7, 2016

On March 3, 2016, your UPE OO5 Board Members and Business Agent met with the Assessor to discuss a number of concerns brought forward by the membership regarding the latest version of the Code of Conduct, specifically the new "Anti-Corruption-Statement" addition. We expressed that the language on the form was intimidating, a possible trap and a form of bullying. We shared our concern of potential harassment and retaliation--regardless of the answer--as well as the lack of confidentiality. Currently the forms are collected by way of an inbox on someone's desk.

In addition, we asked the Assessor what she meant by fraud. In order to answer the question accurately, it was important to know what information she was looking for the employee to report. At that point, we suggested training to all employees so they can be prepared and able to properly identify fraud and/or corruption at the Assessor's Office. We recommended rephrasing the statement altogether and eliminating the yes or no question; additionally, we suggested adding resources like the County Fraud Hotline, and/or the Whistleblower Hotline so members can anonymously report fraud or corruption.

However, the County was not in agreement. In fact, they were very adamant about keeping the Anti-Corruption Statement as a "yes" or "no" question. The Assessor was unwilling to offer training and against adding the option of anonymously reporting fraud or corruption to the County Fraud Hotline and/or the Whistleblower Hotline. The Assessor stated she wanted the opportunity to investigate and address any wrongdoing first. The County did agree to adding anti-retaliation language to the document and to find a secure way of turning in the forms upon completion. UPE would like to stress that our members security and anonymity be preserved if or when they become aware of any fraud or corruption in the Assessor's Office.

UPE and the County did not come to an agreement, but a follow up meeting will be scheduled to discuss the revisions. UPE advised the County that any forms already turned in by the members needed to be returned and that the deadline should once again be extended.

UPE will keep you informed when further discussions take place and a decision of compromise is reached.

4/10 Work Week Schedule

Your bargaining team met with the Court on Friday March 11, 2016 to discuss further opportunities to access 4/10 schedules ( 4 days a week, 10 hour days) (primarily, out of court staff). Our current contract allows individuals to requests a 4/10 work week schedule however, it must be at the option of the court. At the meeting, UPE asked the court if there are any units, divisions, or court houses that have a 4/10 work schedule. The court responded, no. We asked if the department heads would be amenable to allow a 4/10 work schedule. The court had some concerns due to the lack of onsite supervision that would occur (before 8:00am and after 5:00pm).

Furthermore, the court raised the issue on the type of work that will/can be done before 8:00am and after 5:00pm. UPE Local 1 responded that a 4/10 schedule would allow expansion of services i.e. more time with public clients especially on front counters from 8:00am to 5:00pm (instead of opening at 8:30am or closing at 4:00pm). Also, another added benefit would occur by allowing members to work on the back logs before and after operational hours are open to the public. Also, a 9/80 work schedule could become a viable option. Lastly, UPE local 1 and the Court agreed to identify possible areas that a 4/10 or 9/80 work schedule would be feasible. We will be meeting again.

In the interim, please contact any bargaining team member if your unit or division would benefit from a 4/10 or 9/80 work schedule 2. And identify how this will be useful to the public.


You do not need to be a Steward
to attend!

These trainings are for any member who is interested in learning more about their rights and how to made a difference in their workplace.

Stewards meet the third Thursday
of each month


UPE Office - 5370 Elvas Avenue #100

Sacramento 95819

Please RSVP info@upe1.org
or call our office 916-736-9503

DHA Service Delivery Redesign
008 Bargaining Unit
Meet and Confer Update

UPE met with DHA on Tuesday March 15, 2016 regarding changes associated with Phase I of the Service Delivery Redesign.

Phase I includes a reorganization of the service windows in DHA lobbies. Specific windows will now be dedicated to document submission, customer service, and applications. DHA's plan also calls for an expansion of resource rooms and for additional HSS and HSA's to work at these zones.

The County could not provide descriptions of new job duties, nor could they substantiate a business need to make the changes they are proposing. They also struggled to explain how new positions differ from existing positions.

UPE had a number of questions and the County requested time to obtain additional information. No agreement was reached at this meeting. Therefore, the two sides plan to meet again soon to continue discussing these changes.


005 Governing Board Meeting - Wednesday, May 4th 6:00pm at UPE

Court Professionals Meeting - Tuesday, May 10th 12:00pm at FRC

008 Governing Board Meeting - Tuesday, May 10th 6:00pm at UPE

Court Office Technical Meeting - Wednesday, May 11th 5:30pm at UPE

PEU Local One Board Meeting - Tuesday, May 17th 7:30pm at Walnut Creek

Stewards Council Meeting - Thursday, May 19th 6:00pm at UPE

UPE Board of Directors Meeting - Tuesday, May 24th 6:00pm at UPE

Our office will be CLOSED Monday, May 30th for Memorial Day


These meetings are designed to keep members informed & put you in touch with your business agent.

Brown Bag Meeting
Business Agent Crystal Jones
Tuesday, May 10
American River Room

or Locate Your Business Agent



Coming Soon

If you would like to donate time please complete the Donation of Leave form and turn it into your Payroll Clerk.

Time can only be donated once the member in need has exhausted their own leave time.


Envelope. UPE receives your home address information from your employer. If your mailing address has changed be sure to give your new address to the County.

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