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Sacramento Courts: Court Reporter Vacation Policy

On October 11, 2023, UPE concluded a pair of meetings with the Sacramento Superior Court regarding changes to the Court Reporter Vacation policy. UPE initiated the meeting to improve how the policy functions for our members. In particular, UPE sought to change the dates of the seniority rounds in order to eliminate the ‘dead zone’ at the start of the year. UPE is pleased to announce that due to UPE’s advocacy, the following changes will be made to the Court Reporter vacation:

  • Seniority Round One will now run from October 15th through October 30th, with postings completed by November 15th.

  • Seniority Round Two will now run from November 16th through December 1st, with postings completed by December 15th.

  • First come, first served requests can now be made 180 days prior to the first day of requested for time off instead of 120.

    • This change has been made on a 1-year trial basis, with both sides reserving the right to meet before 1 year if there are problems.

UPE hopes these changes will make the vacation process easier and more accessible for our members.

If you have questions, concerns, or encounter problems, please get in touch with your UPE Business Agent, Seth Alexander (

UPE thanks Liz Teklinsky, Alison Saltonstall, and Katherine Van Grinsven for their participation in these meetings.




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