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Changes to the Reception Desk at FRC

UPE and representatives from Sacramento Superior Court met and conferred over a plan to change coverage at the reception desk in the FRC lobby. Currently, two paralegals staff the desk. One to provide triage services and the other to check clients into the various counters in the courthouse. Under the Court’s plan, a paralegal will continue to staff the desk and provide triage services. In a change, a Deputy Clerk (DC) will now fulfill the reception function. They will print tickets for clients but will not be required to provide any sort of triage or case information. The Court will also require the DC to provide forms to clients and pass out the restraining orders at the end of the day. The restraining orders are currently distributed at the reception desk. UPE shared a concern from members that some clients are informed to pick up their orders before they are delivered to the reception desk.

The Court will now be taking steps to ensure all clients are informed to wait to pick up their packets until after 4 pm. UPE was also concerned that form distribution would result in a bottleneck at the reception desk since many clients do not know what they need. In response, the Court made clear that the DC will only distribute forms if clients know the exact form they need. DCs will refer clients with questions to the triage line.   The current paralegal supervisors will provide training to impacted staff on January 31 and February 1, 2024. Implementation will occur on March 6, 2024. If members have questions or concerns, please reach out to UPE.  

UPE thanks governing board members,

Shawn Boxer, Nancy Wallace, Tammi Boxer, Lizette Sweezer Morris, Andrea Howard, Julie Valdivia and Paul McGee for their participation.



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