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Finance: Treasury Cashiering Division Relocation

On Wednesday, February 28, 2024, UPE met with the Department of Finance to discuss the relocation of three (3) Account Clerks II.  The Department explained the reason for this relocation was the need to cross-train staff to increase the effectiveness of the Department’s operation.  UPE knows full well that this is likely not the entire reason for this move and strongly advocated for an outcome that would bring some relief to our valued members who would be relocated.

In the beginning, the Department was not interested in setting a date for the opportunity to allow the impacted workers to have a right to return to their previous location if they chose.  After much debate, we mutually agreed to reconvene in six (6) months to discuss that possibility.  In addition, UPE secured a 60-day “hold harmless” agreement to allow those impacted to get used to new schedules and traffic patterns without the fear of discipline as long as the Department’s call-in procedures were followed.

Special thanks to our subject matter expert and UPE governing board member, Yolanda Augustine, for her help with this issue.




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