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DHA Telework

Greetings, Union Sisters and Brothers. On June 3, 2024, your UPE 008 meet and confer team met with DHA management to discuss their proposal to modify the DHA telework policy and to expand telework opportunities. We were disappointed by some parts of their proposal: that some functions (primarily FTF) will still be excluded from telework and the elimination of the 90-day rotational option. On the positive side, it does appear that there will be increased opportunities for 2-day-per-week telework and that it will not be rotational.

Among the outstanding items still to be discussed are the Department’s complete list of which functions will be allowed or not allowed to telework, the precise timeframe for expanding telework, and the exact wording of management’s new telework policy (which has not been provided yet to the Union). More meetings will be scheduled. Please stay tuned!



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