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DCSS: Dress Attire Guideline Update

On July 14, 2023, UPE met with the DCSS Management and labor relations regarding the above policy.

The Department wanted to meet regarding updating the dress code policy to reflect management changes, modernizing language, and example images provided in the policy.

UPE compared the existing dress code policy to the proposed updated policy. The proposed changes are minor; however, UPE asked additional clarifying questions to protect our members. The main changes were an added exception statement regarding staff who work at least 50% of their shift outdoors, which would allow business attire shorts and the removal of the term “headwear” from the inappropriate attire list and replace it with hats.

UPE asked for clarification on appropriate shoes, specifically if Crocs are acceptable in the workplace. DCSS management explained that Crocs resembling a flip flop are inappropriate; however, other styles of Crocs, such as the clog, are acceptable in the workplace.

Thank you to the participants for your advocacy.

Deborah Hamm and Sylvia Garcia


FLYER - DCSS Dress Attire Updates 7.14.23
Download PDF • 109KB


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