About UPE

Local government employees are the heart of their community. They are the front-line in the fight to build strong, healthy, and prosperous communities. In Sacramento County, UPE members work in the jails and court houses, and airport security. They protect the abused, disabled, and elderly. They work in every department including the Sheriff's, District Attorney, Assessors and Probation. UPE members deliver "meals on wheels" to seniors, work in crime labs, transcribe trials and a myriad of other necessary jobs to make the County run efficiently and serve the citizens of Sacramento.

Too often, the public does not fully understand and support the critical work done by their neighbors who work for the county and the courts, leaving our members to fight for fair salaries, affordable healthcare and decent, safe working conditions. That is why Sacramento County employees formed UPE, a strong, member-run, independent Labor Union that would fight for them and their families.

General Information

Phone: 916-736-9503     Fax: 916-736-9506     Email: Info@upe1.org

5370 Elvas Avenue, Suite 100
Sacramento, CA  95819

Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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